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For Statutory Sick Pay (SSP), where employees go off sick on or after 10 December 2021, employers can only ask employees for proof of sickness (such as a fit note) after 28 days of sickness (including non-working days). Proof of sickness cannot be requested earlier than 28 days.

Fit notes do not have to be provided for DWP benefit claims until 27 January. This will not affect claims to benefit.

These changes are to give GP’s more time to work on the Coronavirus (Covid-19) booster programme.

If you are concerned about your health condition, you should continue to see your GP.



Wednesday 15th December 2021

Dear all,

On Sunday evening the Prime Minister announced that the Covid Booster program was to be the national priority over the coming weeks. General Practice and the wider NHS including Secondary Care and Community Pharmacy was to divert available resources and manpower to support the ambitious target to vaccinate all over 18s with a booster by 31st December 2021.

This is an immense task and has taken significant planning and resources to achieve. The Spa Surgery, together with Yorkshire Health Network and all 17 practices and our band of volunteers across the area have since last week, significantly increased our outputs at the Yorkshire Event Centre and Ripon Racecourse. This has meant sending our GPs, nurses and receptionists down to the vaccine centres to assist. We therefore have less staff on duty at the surgery.

As a result of this staff deployment, we have now had to take the decision to delay or divert some of our routine services to support the national mission and priority. This will mean that we may need to cancel or delay a proportion of our routine work and your routine appointments may be delayed till a later date in the new year. We appreciate that health needs can cause anxiety and whilst some health needs may seem urgent to the individual we are having to prioritise and sort looking at the total demand of all our patients with the resources available. We also hope that this will not affect too many of our patients.

Our colleagues in A&E, 111, 999 are also seeing unprecedented levels of demand and we ask that everyone considers carefully the services they use and ensure that it is appropriate for the need. Calling 999 and getting an ambulance to the hospital will not get people seen sooner in A&E and will cause more delay for those that need more urgent care.

Please feel free to use the link below to find appropriate service for your health needs:

Community Pharmacy is often a good place to start for managing minor ailments and this link explains what they can help with:

We will continue to manage Acute demand in the same way as previously however follow-ups may be delayed. There may also be delays in administrative requests that are deemed non-urgent. Support information for travel purposes is not deemed a priority and is non-NHS work and may not be actioned at this time

We thank all our patients for their consideration and understanding at this time and importantly we ask all to be patient and civil to each other. #BEKIND

We would like to wish all our patients a Merry Christmas and a Happy and Healthy New Year

The Partners and Staff at The Spa Surgery


13th December 2021 

Information following last nights Prime Ministers update regarding the booster programme.

There will be a meeting this morning to plan following yesterdays news.  Until a further update all enquiries should be directed to 119/online bookings at this stage.  When we have more information we will let you know.

Please DO NOT phone the surgery.

Many thanks

Spa Surgery

Accessing Services

We continue to work differently during this time, but the surgery and other NHS services remain open. We continue to offer:

e-consultation system

If you have access to the internet, this is by far the easiest way to submit your health queries to us and for a    clinician to review your needs. Whether it’s an ailment or an admin query, it can be dealt with online. You can also submit photos. Using the e-consult system for non-urgent matters saves you waiting on the phone and reduces wait times for our urgent calls.

Telephone consultations

To keep our patients and staff safe, your first contact with a clinician will be on the phone. This allows clinicians to ensure that only patients that really need     examining come into the surgery.

Video consultations

If you have a smart phone, we can send you a link before your appointment, meaning you will see your GP whilst you are speaking to them.

Face to face consultations

If in your first contact with a clinician, they feel it’s necessary for you to attend the surgery, you will be invited to do so. Fewer face to face attendances ensures our environment remains clean and safe.

Mask Wearing at Spa Surgery

Throughout the pandemic we have strived to make the surgery as safe as possible for our patients, staff and visitors.  We have remained open throughout and will continue to do so.

However from July 19th 2021 we need your help to continue to do so.

Nothing is going to change here at Spa.  Please still wear your mask when visiting the surgery and inside the building.

Please use the hand sanitisers available and keep your distance from others. Our staff will continue to clean rooms in between patients and will continue to wear PPE.


We appreciate this is frustrating but we know that when sick and vulnerable patients come to see us (remember some of these cannot have the vaccines) they need to be protected, so it would be wrong of us to remove the precautions we have in place.


The pandemic is not over and COVID 19 has not gone.  Please help us to continue to keep you all safe.


Thank you for your support

Spa Surgery



UPDATE - 17th November 2021

We continue with our staffing shortages this week as further staff are affected.  Where possible our staff continue to work longer days and extra shifts to accommodate and cover as many appointments as possible for those colleagues who are isolating or unwell.

Where possible we are booking Locum (cover) staff to try and cover these gaps but as this situation is widespread across practices we are not able to cover all shifts.

You may find that your appointment moves to another GP who can see you face to face if required.

These challenging times are likely to continue for the next couple of weeks, but we thank you for your continued patience and understanding.

The Spa Surgery



Home Library Service

Ask Your Pharmacist

This week is Ask Your Pharmacist Week and is the flagship annual public awareness campaign for community pharmacy across the UK.
This year the theme is ‘Your local pharmacy can help’.

The range of clinical services provided by community pharmacies has expanded significantly in recent years and several more have been introduced in 2021. To find out more about these new services click to see the video link below


We need your help - Covid Vaccination Boosters

We have seen a big increase in communications from our patients asking about the Covid Vaccination Booster Programme. 

Please do not contact the surgery to ask about a Covid booster jab. This blocks the lines for our patients who need treatment. 

The NHS National Booking Service will let you know when it's your turn to have a booster dose.  Some of those in the original nine priority groups will not be eligible for the top-up until the new year.

 Please help us and wait to hear from The National Booking Service.

 Thank you

The Spa Surgery

NHS Digital Data Collection

You may have seen or heard in the media about the plans to share your medical data with NHS Digital referred to as ''General Practice Data for Planning and Research (GPDfPR)”.

What is GPDfPR?

-Following endorsement by the British Medical Association (BMA), Royal College of General Practitioners (RCGP) and National Data Guardian, NHS Digital is collecting and disseminating GP data for planning and research.

-This is intended to replace many of the previous ad -hoc data extractions and sharing agreements that have occurred. 

Do we have to share our patient’s data?

Yes.  GPDfPR it is a legal requirement for practices.

For more information about this see the GP Practice PrivacyNotice under the heading 'NHS Digital Data Collection from the Practice' on our website

Privacy Notice


If you wish to opt-out please complete the attached form and return it to the practice via e-mail ( or post.

Opt Out Form

For further information please see NHS Digital..

Zero Tolerance

Latest minutes Spa Surgery Patient Group - Nov 2020

Getting Your View

We welcome feedback from our patients and we encourage you to join our Patient Participation Group where you can become an active part of guiding the development of our patient services.

The group would like to contact patients on occasion by email and/or text so that they can obtain the views of the widest group of patients possible. We would like to obtain your email address and mobile phone number to do this. Please complete the Patient Contact Form to provide your consent for this.