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Register with us as a New Patient

How to Register

Register with a family doctor and make sure you and your family get access to medical advice and treatment.

Everybody has a right to be registered with a doctor.  If the surgery accepts you as a patient you may go to your new doctor for treatment immediately.

If a practice cannot assist you as a patient and you need EMERGENCY treatment, this will be provided.

Acceptance on to the list is as at the discretion of the Doctor and we will ask you for proof of identity. (Please refer to our registration policy below and why we ask for this).

Boundary area

See if you live within our practice boundary by using the interactive map and postcode checker.

There are a number of reasons why you may not be able to register with your chosen GP, for example you may live too far away. If this is the case simply choose another GP in your local area.

Please note that if you were previously registered with a Doctor outside the UK then the Practice will not have access to your medical notes. All patients who register from abroad should contact their previous Doctor to obtain copies of their notes.

Register online

Our online registration form will collect your details, a brief outline of your medical history and record your preferences. This information may be added to your record and will allow us to begin to provide you with medical services.

Please complete one form for each family member.

Download the Forms

If you would rather submit your application to register personally please download and complete the forms below

SCR patient consent preference form

Download a form to opt out of having a Summary Care Record (SCR) or opt out of additional information being included in the SCR.

Accountable GPs

The practice is required by the Government under the terms of the latest GP contract to allocate all patients a named accountable GP (identified as your usual GP on your medical records).

Please note there is no need to telephone the practice, it is for information only. Please feel free to ask our Care Navigation team, at reception, when you next visit the Surgery who your named doctor is.

Our named Accountable GP’s at the practice are:- Dr A Cartwright, Dr E Edstam, Dr D Ganesh, Dr J Hamilton, Dr M D Hammatt, Dr S K L Hay, Dr K Hunter,  Dr J Kirby, Dr E L Maw, Dr S Peachey, Dr J K Shacklock and Dr A Waddington.

Where a patient expresses a preference as to which GP they have been assigned, the practice will make reasonable effort to accommodate this request. Please note that your named accountable GP may change if the GP retires or leaves the surgery. In these cases patients will be assigned another named accountable GP.

Having a Named Accountable GP does not prevent you seeing any other doctor in the practice.

Finding the Right Practice

Having difficulty finding a doctor that will register you?

Everyone resident within the UK for more than 3 months is entitled to be registered with an NHS doctor.

Most people do not have a problem registering (a full list of all North Yorkshire doctors can be found at However on occasions people will experience difficulties being accepted at a practice.

If you are having difficulties, you can write to:

Primary Care Support England
P O Box 350

requesting formal allocation, although ideally you need to try at least 2 to 3 practices before you contact them.

If you are still having problems then you, or a 3rd party on your behalf, should write to the above address stating the names and addresses of the doctors you have tried.

They will also need details about you (your full name, date of birth, address and NHS number if you have it.)

You will then be allocated a doctor as soon as possible, and NYFHS will write to you confirming this.

You will not have a choice as to the doctor that you are allocated, as this is administered on a strict rotational basis.