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Health Management and Reviews

BP Management Clinic

Our Health Care Assistants support our patients in monitoring Blood Pressure.   When appropriate they will assist you in administering 24 hour BP monitoring to give a more accurate impression of your blood pressure at different times of the day.   They also complete routine BP checks that are required as part of the annual review for long term conditions.  Our HCAs can provide patients with information regarding how to lower your BP and how to maintain it at a healthy level. 

Diabetic Management and Review

Newly diagnosed patients are encouraged to attend the local diabetes education programme. This is a valuable resource for patients to learn more about this condition and how to manage it effectively. 

All diabetic patients are invited to attend an annual review appointment (or more frequently if required) with a member of the Nursing Team.   We will work with you to ensure that your progress is carefully monitored to reduce the long term risks associated with diabetes, such as heart disease and deteriorating eyesight.

Diabetic patients will be contacted  by the local screening services to invite you for Retinal screening and we strongly encourage patients to attend these.

LD Health Management and Review

Patients who are on the Practice’s learning disability register we be invited for an annual health check. This will usually be in the same month as your birthday. This review is an opportunity for patients to discuss their health and wellbeing with the GP and, if appropriate, have any regular medications reviewed. 

Medication Management and Review

Patients who take regular medication require an annual review (more frequent reviews may be required if the medication is new or doses have changed). These reviews will be completed by the Clinical Pharmacists, Practice Nurses or GPs. 

It is important that patients attend for medication reviews so that the surgery can continue to prescribe the medication that is required. 

Mental Health Management and Review

Annual reviews are provided for all patients with mental health conditions. Patients will usually be invited for their review during their month of birth. This review provides an opportunity for patients to discuss their health and wellbeing with the GP and, if appropriate, have any regular medications reviewed. 

Respiratory Conditions Management and Review

Patients with Asthma or COPD are invited to be reviewed by our Nursing  and Pharmacist Teams. We will work with you to manage your condition and ensure effective medication. 

We strongly recommend that you attend your review when invited by the practice to ensure optimal management of the condition leading to minimal disruption to your daily life and lifestyle.