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Ear Syringing

We provide Ear Syringing only when a need has been identified by one of our GP’s and all other options have been exhausted. The appointment will be booked for you by the GP you have seen and cannot be made over the telephone or by the Care Navigation Team.

In order for the clinical professional carrying out the procedure to successfully syringe your ears it is essential that the wax is fully softened prior to your appointment. You MUST perform the following procedure over the 14 days leading up to your appointment:

  1. Lie with your head on the side. Drop olive oil into the affected ear (as much as you can get in). There is no need to warm the olive oil.
  2. Continue to lie on your side for at least 15 minutes. This allows the oil to soak in and soften the wax.
  3. Do not use cotton wool as this will soak up the oil and can also block our ear further. Use a tissue or clothe to dab away any excess oil/
  4. Repeat steps 1-2 at least 3 times a day for the FULL 14 DAYS prior to your appointment.

If the wax has not been fully softened you are likely to be asked to repeat the oiling process and return for another appointment at a later date,

NB.  If you have pain in your ear, an infection, a past history of perforation or mastoid problems we cannot syringe your ears and this should be discussed with your GP.

Ear Syringing presents many risks and while we do what ever we can to reduce these they do remain, there is a:

  • 29% chance that the ear wax may not be removed
  • 17% chance of an ear infection
  • 15% chance of a perforation to the ear drum
  • 11% chance of damage to the ear canal

If you have any questions or concerns you can discuss these with the clinical professional during your appointment.