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NHS My Planned Care

With the pandemic inevitably impacting on the amount of routine and elective procedures hospitals could perform and patients now coming forward, the number of patients on the waiting lists has increased to around six million nationally.

The site  helps you to prepare for your appointment/operation, including how to make a plan for your care and treatment alongside your healthcare professional.

Critically, the site also provides general information to enable patients to support their own health and wellbeing whilst waiting for their elective care.

Included on the website are details about helping to manage pain, mental health, and healthy living, as well as access to financial help and tips on how to access local support, such as through local patient support groups and social prescribing services.

The Spa Surgery offers a Social Prescribing service which patients can book into directly.  Waiting time information will be updated weekly. We hope you find this service helpful.

Alternatively patients can ring the appointments centre at Harrogate District Hospital on 01423 553373 to check appointment wait times.