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Structured Medication Review

Structured Medication Review SMR

What is an SMR?

A Structure Medication Review (SMR) is an appointment with one of our Practice Pharmacists. SMRs typically take longer that the average GP appointment (SMR appointments are 30 minutes) and are designed to enable discussion and shared decision making about a patient’s medication.

During your appointment, the Pharmacist will review all your medication, check that is it being prescribed correctly, safely and that it is working well for you. The Pharmacist may recommend (with your agreement) some changes to your medication.

How should I prepare for my SMR?

Some patients may prefer to have a family member or friend present at the time of their SMR. This would be particularly helpful if someone else helps you with your medication.

At the time of your appointment, please make sure you have all your medication available. This includes tablets, creams, inhalers, sprays and any “over the counter” or herbal remedies you are taking. It would also be useful to know which medications you are prescribed but are no longer taking.

You may also wish to have a think about any specific questions you have about your medication. Below are some examples of possible questions, but if you think of any others, please do ask.

  • Why is it important to take this medicine(s)?
  • When and how to take the medicine(s)?
  • How long is the medicine(s) to be taken for?
  • How do I know the medicine is working?
  • What should I do if I have problems with the medicine?
  • Are there any medicines or food that I should avoid taking whilst on these medicine(s)?
  • What will happen if I miss a dose of the medicine or stop taking it?

What happens after my SMR?

Any proposed changes to your medication will be discussed with you. These changes will also be communicated to your GP.

A record of your SMR will be documented in your GP notes.

It may be necessary to get some additional tests done (for example, blood tests or blood pressure readings) and these can be arranged after your appointment.

If it is not possible to complete the SMR within 30 minutes, you may be asked to make a second appointment to continue the discussion.